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The total number of eligible voters for madural local body election counted to be 24,93,604. These madurai district urban body poll electorals will vote to elect 4,252 officers for the madurai corporation, madurai municipalities, madural local and rural panchayats and few other ulb in the district for the forthcoming madurai panchayat union election 2016. The voter id card election rolls are available with electors specimen photographs that got released.

The madurai dist. Collector K. Veera Raghava Rao said that the madurai mayor election voters list released are up to the factors of corporation, municipalities, town panchayats & village panchayats which was prepared with the tamil nadu state assembly election electoral rolls announced previously. However the madurai district draft rolls released on 1st september 2016 by state election commission has little up to 24,95,780 voters which will be added with the rolls released recently for the madurai town panchayat body elections.

The madurai local body election final list of voters are published already and further application received will be processed to be included for upcoming new year 2017 electoral draft. The madurai corporation total voters of 100 wards is 12,38,825 is almost 50 percent of the total electorate in Madurai district,

Nearly 2.5 lakh voters had been increased when compared to the 2011 local body elections that had about 9.91 lakh voters in the Corporation. Likewise about 1,06,217 electorals in the seventy eight wards in the 3 municipalities viz. Melur, Tirumangalam & Usilampatti in the district. Now almost 1,08,913 voters are existing in the 144 wards in 9 town panchayats. There are about 10,39,649 voters for 420 madurai village panchayats election 2016 that is hardly 40 percent of the total district electorate.

Excluding the madurai village panchayat presidents election voters, 3,273 panchayat ward members, 214 panchayat union councillors and 23 district panchayat councillors will be elected by 420 village panchayat voters of madurai district. The number of polling booths to be set up for the madurai district ullaatchi therdhal would be 3485 such as 1,207 Madurai Corporation polling booths, 121 municipality polling stand, 162 town panchayats ixm tp election booths and 1,995 in village panchayats.

List of Town Panchayats in Madurai

340 20 MADURAI 225 Elumalai
341 20 MADURAI 226 Harveypatti
342 20 MADURAI 227 Thirunagar
343 20 MADURAI 294 A.Vellalapatti
344 20 MADURAI 295 Paravai
345 20 MADURAI 296 Vilangudi
346 20 MADURAI 297 Alanganallur
347 20 MADURAI 298 Palamedu
348 20 MADURAI 299 Sholavandan
349 20 MADURAI 300 Vadipatti
350 20 MADURAI 301 Peraiyur
351 20 MADURAI 302 T.Kallupatti

List of Panchayat Union Block Election 2016


MADURAI மதுரை 1 MADURAI EAST மதுரை (கிழக்கு)
MADURAI மதுரை 2 MADURAI WEST மதுரை (மேற்கு)
MADURAI மதுரை 3 THIRUPPARANKUNDRAM திருப்பரங்குன்றம்
MADURAI மதுரை 4 MELUR மேலூர்
MADURAI மதுரை 5 KOTTAMPATTI கொட்டாம்பட்டி
MADURAI மதுரை 6 VADIPATTI வாடிப்பட்டி
MADURAI மதுரை 7 ALANGANALLUR அலங்காநல்லூர்
MADURAI மதுரை 8 USILAMPATTI உசிலம்பட்டி
MADURAI மதுரை 9 CHELLAMPATTI செல்லம்பட்டி
MADURAI மதுரை 10 SEDAPATTI சேடபட்டி
MADURAI மதுரை 11 THIRUMANGALAM திருமங்கலம்
MADURAI மதுரை 12 T.KALLUPATTY டி கல்லுபட்டி
MADURAI மதுரை 13 KALLIKUDI கள்ளிக்குடி

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