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The Eastern Railways of India recently confirmed to run fifty-two weekly Summer special trains on couple of train routes. The plan to operate 52 Summer special trains is to be railed to clear the rush of commuters in the upcoming Summer season. So as to air the extra rush of travellers in forthcoming summer season, the Indian Railways have released many pairs of Summer Special Trains.

The 2018 Summer special trains will be operated on 2 routes like Sealdah, Kolkata – Ananda Vihar, West Bengal and Bhagalpur, Bihar – Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

Twenty-six weekly Summer specials will be functioned from Sealdah & Ananda Vihar through Dankuni departing Sealdah on each Saturday from April 7th 2018 & June 30th, 2018 and Ananda Vihar on each Sunday from April 8th & July 1st, 2018.

The up train numbered 02265 will start from Sealdah in Kolkata at 12.55 hrs. and arrive Ananda Vihar at about 13.45 hours, the very next day. Similarly, the down train serialed 02266 will depart Ananda Vihar at 18.45 hrs in the evening to come at Sealdah at about 19.40 hours the next day.

The remaining twenty six Summer special trains will be operated between Bhagalpur & Muzaffarpur leaving Bhagalpur on each Monday from 2.4.2018 and 25.6.2018, and Muzaffarpur on each Tuesday from April 3rd and June 26th, 2018.

The uptrain name plated 03453 will begin at Bhagalpur at 9 pm in the night to drop at Muzaffarpur in Bihar at 4 am in the morning on the succeeding day. LIkewise the down train 03454 will start at Muzaffarpur at 7.25 hrs and reach Bhagalpur at 13.45 hours the same day.

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