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The land price of the coimbatore district has been Revised and a new Guideline Value For Coimbatore freezed by the government of tamil nadu.

To get to find the new guideline value of Coimbatore residential and agricultural plot when you buy or sell the property in Coimbatore. The official website has uploaded the government rate of lands and layout prices for the city, town and villages of Coimbatore which will remain forever for the tamilnadu real estate property registration

The property realtors promoting properites in Coimbatore can recommend their propects to check the govt price of vacant land in Coimbatore

The TN government has reamended the Coimbatore guideline value  for all locations in Coimbatore.

You can find the difference in rate between between the market value and guideline value of Coimbatore can be verified at the official web site.

The real estate property purchasers of Coimbatore should record the land for sale at Coimbatore register office at the gv mentioned for Coimbatore by the tamilnadu govt.

The real estate property developers of Coimbatore developed by real estate developers register the properties at the respective registration office in Coimbatore for the guideline price fixed for Coimbatore by the registrar office

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