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The government teachers gets dutified in 2014 Lok Sabha polling facing trouble complaining the work overload due to public exam paper valuation, and annual exam conducting at the same time. The election-training programme had been dated on 15th and 16th April 2014 for Government school teachers. About three thousand govt school teachers have been deployed for the valuation camps.
About 6350 government workers comprising school teachers will be on duty varying inrespect to the district requirements. ALl list of the staff has been organized by the district administration, Collector & District Election Officer.

The officials / teachers will be getting order for election duty after keying in the info in given software that will filter their working place and native constituency and fix the election duty.
The teachers will receive coaching on dealing with electronic voting machines EVMs a month before.
The teachers will participate in the systematic voter education and participation programme as scheduled by ECI.
All the teachers should undergo tough training work on polling and counting days and the preparatory works.
ALl the teachers in duty should come in time on the prescribed date and polling station.
In their absense strict measures will be imposed on the teacher-in-duty.

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