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Tamilnadu 18 MLAs Disqualification Case Verdict By Justice Sathyanarayanan Latest Updates:

Justice M Sathyanarayanan will be delivering his verdict for the Tamilnadu 18 MLAs disqualification case on 25th October 2018, Thursday around 10.30 AM.

Earlier all the 18 MLAs produced letters to the former Tamilnadu Governor Vidyasagar Rao on 22nd August 2017 regarding the get back of support to Edappadi K Palaniswami as Chief Minister of Tamilnadu state in September 2017.

This made the P Dhanapal Speaker to take the decision against the 18 MLAs to Disqualify since the letters to the Governor regarding the withdrawing their support.

Since the first bench of Justice Indira Banerjee and Justice M Sundar had delivered a split verdict against the Tamilnadu 18 MLAs Disqualification Case Justice Sathyanarayanan was named as the 3rd judge by the Supreme Court to deliver the verdict.

The strength of the AIADMK party will be reduced to 112 in the Assembly if verdict comes as disqualification of Tamilnadu 18 MLAs as illegal and if the judge uphold the decision of disqualification then 18 constituencies will have election to elect new 18 MLAs



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