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   TN Exam Board

Tamil Nadu Board Of Examination :HSC Result 2013:12TH Result:

Latest News:

HSC Result For 2013 was announced on May 9th 2013, time- 10.30 pm.

Students can get your results on the following sites-

Results india



This time the pass percentage is 84.7% and it has been increased when compared to 2012 result. Chennai Stands first by producing more no of pass percentage.

State Rank Details: HSC 2013:

Nammakal District gets all the state 3 ranks .

State first rank goes to Namakkal District .

State Second Rank goes to Namakkal District.

State Third Rank goes to Namakkal District.

For more Details :

India updates

Cent-um Details-TN Exam Board : HSC 2013:

Name Of The Exam                            No.of Cent-um Students(200/200)

Mathematics                                               2352

Physics                                                         36

Chemistry                                                  1490

Computer science                                      1469

Commerce                                                 330

Business Maths                                         430

Biology                                                      682

Zoology                                                     nil

Botony                                                      11

Contact Tamil Nadu Board Of Examination:

For more details Regarding Re-evaluation Dates for HSC 2013 and Arrears Dates HSC 2013

Head Office
Tmt D Vasundaradevi 
Directorate of Government Examination,
College Road, D.P.I. Campus
Chennai – 600 006.
Phone : 28278286, 28272088, 28269982
28275125, 28275126



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