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Event Management Jobs

Event management is rapid growing up as a hot job option due to the rising trend in retail & marketing sector involving

  • Holding an event with a concentrated goal for a fixed audience
  • Visualizing ideas
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Delivering events
  • Working on fashion shows, live concerts, seminars, exhibitions, marraiges, themed parties, product launches and a lot.

With the experience gained, one can begin a PR consultancy company to grow press relations. Even can organize youth camps for kids or a trekking tour for youth or managers. A keen area in Event Management is arranging parties and disco nights.

Eligibility for Event Management

Wanted skills consists of high energy, organization capacity, time management and a viability with elastic working hours, that can be sometimes very long. Bachelorates with flair public relations and communicating skills can choose this field.

However, to come as an event manager in a recongized firm or company, one should own an MBA degree along with fair public relation talents. Possessing a degree in PR added with your PG in marketing will be an additional benefit in this jobline.

Event Management Skills and Attributes

An event manager should have hold high interactive skills, be sure of agreeing competencies and an ability to know and react correctly to a given circumstance. He/She should have innovative and structural skills. Team spirit & leadership skills are the accompanied prerequisites thus monitoring each and every minute details of the event.

Jobs in Event Management

A professional event management executive can sometime work as a manager in an event management firm or as a consultant in corporations or can present solo. One should not forget that lot of work force; lengthy hours of work quite always apart from regular business hours are all common section of gaining success in this field.

Event Management Salary

Remuneration in this job varies as per the kind of the event that is held. The zenith is the limit for a victorious event manager. Passing a course in event management, a fresher can commence his/her career with Rs.2500-10000 per day, the starting salary for professionals in corporate sector can vary between Rs.75,000 and Rs.1,50,000. As an event manger acquires experience in the area, he/she can demand fees from Rs.5 lakh to Rs.50 lakh or above per event based on his/her client.

Event Management Institutes in Top Cities

Following are the top cities of event management institutions

  • Ahmedabad
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Hyderabad
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Bihar
  • Chattisgarh
  • Gujarat
  • Haryana
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Jammu Kashmir
  • Jharkhand
  • Karnataka
  • Kerala
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Maharastra
  • Manipur Sikkim
  • Meghalaya
  • Orissa
  • Pondicherry
  • Punjab
  • Rajasthan
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Uttaranchal
  • West Bengal

Top Employers of Event Management Jobs

Event Management industry in india has scaled high over the past years. There is a whopping attendance in events on unique subjects. Whether it is a concert, live conference, corporate event or marathons, men have begun to show interest in all types of events uniformly and wantingly.

Who does such large togethers viable at every kind of events? It is none other than those event management companies who gave different of events to the Indian target audience.

It is hard to choose top 10 event management companies in India counting the large amount of prestigious companies and their hard efforts, all balance and challenging. However here are the few top 10 companies who the most employ the best personnels for their event management jobs requirement

  • Cineyug Entertainment
  • Cox and King
  • DNA Networks Pvt Ltd.
  • E-Factor
  • Fountainhead
  • Percept D Mark
  • Sercon
  • Sita Conferences
  • Tafcon Group
  • TCI Consultancy Services and ‘e’ Events
  • Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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