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New Delhi: Rajasth Royals(RR) had lost their yesterday match against Mumbai Indians(MI) because the match has been Fixed.

Name Of Players :Ankeet Chavan, Ajit Chandila and S Sreesanth . These three players of RR have been arrested by the New Delhi Special Cell Police.

Police Officers: DCP Sanjeev Yadav and Kumar are the two police men who tracked the audio conversation between players and the bookies. Audio Track is the evidence. 14 bookies and 3 players are arrested

Bookies: Amit Kumar and 13 other Bookies.

Price : 60 Lakh was given for 1 over, 14 runs.

Sreesanth Arrested: Bookies Told him to place the towel in his trouser as a signal. He done it and gave 14 runs in that over.


Ajit Chandila Arrested: Bookies ordered him to lift his T-shirt as a symbol. But he forgot to lift his T-shirt but he left 13 runs in his second over.

Ankeet Chavan Arrested: He told the bookies that he will move his wrist band as a signal.

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