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Jayalalithaa Plans For Statue For Mother Of Tamil:

Chennai , Tamil Nadu – Jayalalithaa Plans her next project of building statue for Mother Tamil at Rs 100 Crores. The estimated amount is around 100 Crores but it may exceed it. ”Tamil Thai” ( Mother Tamil)  Statue can be India’s Tallest Statue. It can also be Next one to Liberty Of Statue in United States. This statue was given by the France as a symbol of  welcoming signal to immigrants arriving from abroad.

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History Of Mother Tamil:

Everyone would be thinking of what is mother Tamil. It is like a god for all TAMIL-ANS. Identity for all Tamil People.

Mother Tamil Song :

Mother Tamil Song is Tamil Nadu’s Identity song, Tamil song. This statue is going to be build as an identity of all Tamil people. This song was written by the poet – Manonmaniam Sundaram Pillai. All the Government Official Function in Tamil Nadu will start with this song and end with National Anthem.

Mother Tamil Song is: In Tamil Language- நீராரும் கடல் உடுத்த நில மடந்தைக் கெழிலொழுகும்
சீராரும் வதனமெனத் திகழ்பரதக் கண்டமிதில்
தெக்கணமும் அதிற்சிறந்த திராவிட நல் திருநாடும்
தக்கசிறு பிறைநுதலும் தரித்தநறும் திலகமுமே!
அத்திலக வாசனைபோல் அனைத்துலகும் இன்பமுற,
எத்திசையும் புகழ்மணக்க இருந்த பெரும் தமிழணங்கே!
௨ன் சீரிளமைத் திறம்வியந்து
செயல் மறந்து வாழ்த்துதுமே!

English Translation Of This Song: “Bharatha is like the face beauteous of Earth clad in wavy seas; Deccan is her brow crescent-like on which the fragrant ‘Tilak’ is the blessed Dravidian land. Like the fragrance of that ‘Tilak’ plunging the world in joy supreme reigns Goddess Tamil with renown spread far and wide. Praise unto You, Goddess Tamil, whose majestic youthfulness, inspires awe and ecstasy.”

Mother Tamil Temple : Mother Tamil Temple is already built in Karaikudi. This is the only place which has an identity for Tamil ans.

Mother Tamil Statue: This Statue is to be build  at 100 crores . This statue will be located at Madurai, build at Madurai.  Height of Tamil Mother statue could be 133 feet. It will be one of the tallest Statue in India. This statue will be built by Tamil Nadu Government, Jayalalithaa.

Motive of this Statue , Purpose of Tamil Thai Statue is to spread our culture all over the world. Tamil is the ancient Language, This Statue will give identity for Tamil Language, Tamil People, Tamil culture, Tamil tradition. If this is Build it will be Worlds Search too.

Thiruvalluvar Saint- Poet  Statue near the Sea Shore of Tamil Nadu is the Tallest Statue, Monument, Historical Identity in the State. It was build at 6 crores. Tamil mother ( Tamil Thai) Statue will be taller than Thiruvalluvar Statue.

It will be Built in  Madurai surrounding kurinji (mountains), marudham (agriculture land), mullai (forests), neidhal (sea shore) and paalai (desert).


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