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Minimum Charge Sticker in 300 Government Buses at Chennai:

In Chennai, there is a sticker pasted in Government buses ‘Minimum Fee of Rs. 5’ to make ordinary tariff buses available to the public. Chennai Metropolitan Transport Corporation, Tamilnadu Transport Corporation and Quick Transport Corporation Buses were increased on January 20.

Accordingly, a minimum fee of Rs. Luxury and fast buses would be Rs 7 and maximum fee from Rs.12 to Rs 19 and Rs 17 per 30 grams would be increased to Rs 24.

There was an allegation that ordinary buses with whiteboard were not driven largely after the hike. The Transport Corporation denied this. Thus, the number of passenger bus passengers decreased significantly. Diesel prices are currently rising and traffic conglomerates face an additional loss. However, there is no change in the bus fares.

Petrol and diesel prices have risen sharply in the past few months. So, there is a situation where people are looking for a public bus. In order to utilize this, the Transport Corporation has made a new arrangement to make ordinary buses easier for the public.

A total of 3,300 buses are operated on various routes in the city of Chennai. Of these, 33 lakh people travel on average. In January last year, the bus fare hike, 6 lakh passengers avoided the bus journey. Thus the revenue of transport corporations declined. Diesel prices are rising daily, and shirts and call rates have been increased. As a result, many passengers have begun to buses. Over the past four days, more than 70,000 passengers used government buses daily.

They often use ordinary buses. At the same time, civilians reported that it was difficult to find casual buses, especially at night. To facilitate this burden, the ‘minimum fee of Rs.5’ has been inscribed today (yesterday) in 1,100 ordinary buses in Chennai, easily accessible for buses.

Passengers can easily find normal buses. The number of passengers will increase. Also, as the minister announced, 80 buses are running in Chennai soon. The transport department is planning to operate 20 buses in Coimbatore. As diesel prices are rising daily, the fares on the share autos and call taxes have been increased. As a result, many passengers have begun to buses.


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