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tn ub budgetThe financial year 2015 2016 union financial budget of India announced by the union finance minister Arun Jaitley has dissatisfied many political leaders of Tamil Nadu at many points.

The governing secretary of AIADMK J. Jayalalitha expressed against the budget

“In so far as our hopes and expectations have not been fully met, we have to say that the budget has fallen short of expectations.
“While the corporate tax rate is proposed to be reduced over four years to 25 per cent, there is no indication of any increase in the threshold for personal income tax, which is disappointing,” she said.

DMK president M.Karunanidhi expected an non-increment of threshold limit of independent tax announcement by Jaitley for the UB 2015-2016.

The setting up of All India Institute for Medical Sciences AIIMS in the state of Tamil Nadu through the central govt. approval is most welcomed by the state leaders like Karuanidhi, Jayalaltihaa and PMK founder S.Ramadoss.

For the world heritage sites no where tamilnadu has been chosen for guidance is the only disappointment made by Jayalalithaa.
Jaya added “Infrastructure is a crucial sector and I welcome the announcement of the National Investment and Infrastructure Fund. The government of India should also support similar ventures by State Governments like the Tamil Nadu Infrastructure Fund Management Company,”.

In this budget there is a steep increase of service tax to fourteen percentage resembles a sweet and sour mix of flavoring budget said the Ramadoss.

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