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Army Jobs

Anyone will love their country and the one who loves the most want to be patriotic devoting his/her whole life in the service of the nation and these are the people who look for army jobs.

Qualitifies for Army Officer Jobs

Do you have it in you

  • Feel to serve the country onelessnessly
  • Leadership abilities
  • Technical requirement if want to be an airforce pilot
  • Ability to take micro-second plans
  • Ability to withstand physical & mental strengths
  • A struggling spirit and love to agree challenges

Pros of Army Jobs

  • Greatly respected & disciplined career
  • Perks are more not just in shapes of pay but also benefits such as subsidized accommodation, health benefits and education for kids
  • Job is most adventurous and there is roughly any scope for monotony

Cons of Army Officer Jobs

  • One needs to remain away from family for long times
  • Besides a secured job there hiddens a high risk particularly when out there meeting battles for your nation or challenging the terrorists
  • Continuous travel and relocation is imposed

Perks for Army Officers Job

A lieutenant earns Rs 50,000 a month whereas a middle-level lieutenant colonel / colonel income is about Rs 1,30,000 per month. The army officer is eligible for perks like subsidized accommodation, free medical treatment, Army Group Insurance, subsidized food at the CSD facilities.

NNE aka National Network of Education has set a list of the different available careers options for army officers

  • AFMS
  • Coast Guards
  • Corps of Engineers
  • Indian Air Force
  • Indian Army
  • Indian Navy
  • Para Military Services

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