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Due to bandh in tamil nadu on friday the 16th september 2016 by the opposition parties, farmers, trade unions to release cauvery water of karnataka following are the changes in day to day daily life of tamils in the state of tamil nadu.

  • private schools may impose sudden holiday therefore parents are advised to phone and send their children to schools
  • private and corporate companies, factories participating shutting down their operations so workers are asked to stay at home to avoid miscreants
  • private buses, hire vans, auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws, rental cars, omni bus wont ply on the state and national highways hence the
  • commuters are requested to postponed their travel arrangements
    selling of private milk, gas delivery may affect tomorrow thus household members are shop in advance
  • groups of peoples in thousands may stage protests, rail rokos, road rokos therefore the people are instructed to prevent roaming, touring, traveling for unwanted reasons
  • medicines at pharmacy may not be available until 12 noon
  • groceries, articles and all other shops of daily life are to be closed down from 6 am to 6 pm so be prepared to find alternate
  • couriers and even few post offices may not work or in short of staff due to which deliveries and pick up may delay so keep informed about to consignees
  • entertainment like theaters, amusement parks may be closed due so avoid going there
  • power supply may be affected and not available to repair even at emergencies
  • autos and share autos are not going to move on the roads and if at all available the fares may be triple
  • educational institutions like colleges, universities, coaching centers may get closed so as a precaution the staff and candidates be aware of
  • fair price ration shops may also be closed down or partly open
    some roads may look deserted and few may look populated so plan accordingly

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