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In the official website of JINGA GOLD use ‘my account’, ‘my cart’, ‘checkout’, ‘login’ section to buy, shop, pay ane check. Go through the jinga gold faq section to know more about JINGA Gold and can Contact for address, phone number, and email id.

JINGA GOLD is one good product from the makers of Reehaa Herbals. Reehaa Herbals has several different herbal products now come out with a specialized herbal product for male sexual dysfunction popularly called as JINGA GOLD. Jinga gold serves as full medicine for all male sexual problems.

Reehaa Herbals has ISO 9001:2008 certificate and also posess a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified.


Just a jinga gold Capsule along with hot milk or water should be consumed an hour before sex time.
Even the alcoholist can do use JINGA GOLD tablet, there is no side effects.

Jinga Dia Matic to be taken half-an-hour two times a day

Jina diamatic avoids the surge in sugar levels instantly after meals and does it well under control.
Regenerates insulin secreting cells in the pancreas and usually do it secrete more insulin.
IMproves the natural insulin sensitivity and decreases insulin resistance.

Those men searching for herbal sex power capsules

The customer can make payment online for amazon easy transaction.
Jinga gold is available for home delivery and through courier service.

The Jinga Gold 4 Capsules pack is priced at Rs.600/-
The Jinga Gold Dozen Box is priced at Rs.7,200/-
Jinga Dia Matic sixty capsules is free from Diabetes is available to shop at the rate of Rs.1500

Jinga Gold is one hundred percent herbal sex medicine for any men to be active physically functions as a male sexual enhancer. It fights Impotence, Premature ejaculation, low libido, low stamina & male sexual dysfunctions.
Jinga Gold is fully safe beats heart diseases, and related illness.
Jinga Gold can be bought from any medical store or online in the official website or even call over phone to buy.

Jinga Gold,
55, Nalla Thambi Road,
Anna Nagar, Pammal,
Chennai 600 075, India.
HELPLINE +91 9962 66 4444


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