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Gone are those days where public were given ration card in the form of book. Our honorable prime minister of india Shri. Narendra Modi vision of digital india has hands in national public distribution system too and that way ensuring national food security to the citizens of below poverty line especially. Materializing the same what brings is the smart card in place of old paper type ration card that is prevailing. As already UIDAI issued aadhaar card in roll will linked to each and every family of the ration card to eradicate bogus ration card. Now how a old ration card turns into a new smart card for the aadhaar card holders.

Simple. Any person having aadhaar card can avail smart ration card according to the eligiblity of the individual. There are several types of ration card freezed by National Food Security Act (NFSA) and the most one is for the bpl people of the country. Now the smart ration card is categorized into

  • PHH Card / BPL Card (Priority House Hold Card / Below Poverty Line Card)
  • AAY Card (Antyodaya Anna Yojana Card)
  • AY Card (Annapurna Yojna Ration Card)
  • SPHH Card (State Priority House Hold Card)
  • NPHH Card / APL Card (Non Priority House Hold Card / Above Poverty Line Card)

Further it is commercialized into

  • Rice Card
  • Sugar Card
  • No Commodity Card
  • LOF Card
  • Police Cards

As there are laymen, illiterate poor people, and even white collars who are standing in a long queue at the taluk office, panchayat boards, collector office, e-seva are going vain in knowing the procedure to avail the smart card facilities. Some of the main questions doing round in the mind are:

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