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The indian budget session of the Parliament started on 23.2.2015. By 28th february 2015 the prime minister Government Narendra Modi will show its 1st full year budget on 28.2.2015. There are about 2 parts in the latest 2015 Budget. The 1st part of the session starts by February 23 and ends on 20.3.2015 while the 2nd part is between April 20 and May 8. Similarly the indian rly budget will get released on February 26 and its economic survey on 27th feb. 2015.

The main highlights of the President Pranab Mukherjee’s budget are:

JK being an significant place forming part of the agenda will get conducive atmosphere and will see all the sixty thousand kashmiri pandits getting rehabilitated
Promotional of Clean energy through the natural resources allotted transparently
The fall of price of the Petrol is confirmed
No one is left without the house
Latest infrastructure & facilities will be developed in both urban and rural areas
The finalization of the programme called National Urban Development Mission & Smart City is expected soon
Upgrading Technology for better financial gain
The country wide policies for the development of school and entrepreneurship
The government focus mainly on the Education sector keeping it as top priority
Tapping black money via amnesty schemes

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