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tneaThe awaiting TNEA 2013 Rank List is all out now on 12.6.2013 for the aspiring engineering candidates. The TNEA 2013 Rank List is not just the score or marks taken by the applicant rather than the facts such as community categories, reservation order, inter-se merit standards. The rank list of tnea for the year 2013 gives the student’s name in rankwise order including normalization scores.

The Cut-off Marks for Engineering Admission in the year 2013 is computed as follows:

Generally the TNEA considers chemistry, physics and mathematics for calculating cut off marks for 2013 tnea.

Initially the 200 marks maths scored is fractioned by number 2 like if a student scoring 195 marks in mathematics leads to the cut-off mark of this subject to 195/2 i.e., 97.5

Secondarily the Chemistry & Physics paper scored marks are / by 4. Like in ex for a candidate scoring 190 in phy and 195 in chem will determine his / her cut-off rank as 47.5 & 48.75 accordingly.

Finally the cut-off marks arrived from Mathematics, Physics & chemistry are totalled to provide a final cut-off mark of the student

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