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Day Wise Kaala Box Office Forecast From First To Fiftieth Show

Kaala for sure hit the theaters of the world on 7th june 2018. The rajini fans worldwide will watch kaala only in theaters and not via pirated cds. Kaala box office collection varies regionally into two like kaala india box office report and kaala international collections. As more importance is given kaala collections in india that too for kaala tamil version collections.

The first report that comes out is first day first show kaala collection online immediately before the next show ends. Followed by which the online rajini fan portals and news media give hints till dusk of kaala first day box office collection. This is the report that takes kaala movie to the next level like kaala 2 day collections, kaala 2nd day collection, kaala 3rd day collection and finally kaala weekend collections.

Here ends the kaala becoming superhit or superflop after the first week kaala collecton. There is a mass for rajinikanth films in every nook and corner of the world including Japan where there is large fans. If kaala crosses the predicted amount then counted its kaala us collection, kaala canada collection and at last kaala worldwide collection.

Then if it is long runned for a month, it is reported to match club collection like baahubali and so on. However no rajini film so far had reached that goal. Sometimes if kaala meets satanic conditions, then our thalaiva goes silent to the himalayan mountain for darshan with no comments. And all of sudden the readymade cause for loss is seen on the medias.

The gangster movie kaala is directed by pa rajith who rolled kabali earlier.

Superstar Rajinikanth’s upcoming flick Kaala has geared as the talk of the town amongst movie goers. Kaala is one such anticipated pictures of the year. Rajini’s fans around the globe have been lining to see their idol on the silver screen.

This is the 2nd association of Rajinikanth with Pa.Ranjith after Kabali which lost miserably at the box office collection. Thalavia & Dhanush have combined hands with Pa. Ranjith which is cause satisfying to foresee the script to be interesting. As you all aware, once an actor sips failure at the box office, he wouldn’t show another option to the same director to make his future film. Rajinikanth has given an exception in Ranjith’s case that means that Kaala script has inspired the actor so much.

Kaala has made positive buzz amongst the viewers and cinebuffs. As per trade pundits, Kaala is somewhere to make above Rupees 40 crore on its opening day at the box office. Kaala tickets are selling like hot cakes in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The song has been scored by Santhosh Narayanan and it will be screened in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, & Malayalam. Kaala also casts Nana Patekar, Huma Qureshi, Samuthirakani, and Eashwari Rao in vital roles.

One Reply to “Day Wise Kaala Box Office Forecast From First To Fiftieth Show”

  1. ticket distribution of the Rajinikanth-starrer ‘Kaala’ in Bengaluru. in the wee hours of Thursday, June 7.

    Sagar Sagu 3 hours ago
    Roopesh sir … Good job… We support u…

    Likhith Kumar 2 hours ago
    Ley kannadagir ge kasta antha bandhaga Help ge barodhu kannadigaru Rajini Kantha alla, thilkolro dabba Gala 😡

    Cc Saiteja 3 hours ago
    Always cry on big movies… Then Bahuballi and now kaala…. Only distributors will suffer not actors Political drama….

    Praveen Kumar 2 hours ago
    Do the same things for all the movies. Why specific to tamil.. Which ever state was in that place they would have created same problem. And stop having anything outside of karnataka pizza, KFC dominos etc etc. Eat only what is made from our state, see only movies which are made n produced from ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ.. Movies are different politics is different.. Get it brothers.. It’s kind off becoming national issue.. Whole world sees and ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ only will loose its value..!! This won’t solve any water problem. We will just loose our pride that’s all..!! A true well educated won’t see this as a kaveri water problem solving way.

    nayan prasad 2 hours ago
    Praveen Kumar we are not loosing any value, your people lost it by speaking bad about Karnataka. First get to know what the issue is is and talk. Pizza dominos etc are no where related to this topic. Do not drag some other things into this. FYI dominos, kfc are not from your TN.

    Jayaraj CG 2 hours ago
    nayan prasad the point is, why to regionalise

    Praveen Kumar 2 hours ago
    nayan prasad – I am telling why are u targeting tamil movies now. Which ever state next to us would have done the same thing be it’s kerala, ap, etc. If we are so much lover to our language and our land.. Show it by avoiding all the things which come outside of our land. Can we do that.? We can’t right. so by banning movie if u think u can find a solution for water problem it’s insane. We are Indians first later comes states and etc etc. It’s just a middle political people who do the things till they get ransom amount of money. This is what is happening for the last 20 years or so. Unless we people who finds actual solution same drama keeps on happening.. 🤦♂️🤦♂️keep this in mind no farmer will expect another farmer to die.!! Find a solution not a war….!! Everytime politicians use this as a trump card to play with lives of people across both the states. This is just a #TrumpCard 😐😐

    sachin Gowda 2 hours ago
    @praveen Kumar, as u said movie is different politics is different similarly sports is different man…. So what’s the point in banning IPL matches in TN by the same great super star. By banning IPL match solved cauvery issue!???

    Praveen Kumar 1 hour ago
    Praveen Kumar boss where were u when they banned Kannada movie Nagarahaavu in Chennai for same Kaveri issue ??? Have you questioned them in same way ??

    forest wow 1 hour ago
    Praveen Kumar if I abuse your mother and next day come to your home for lunch .. will you serve me food with a happy face ?? You should.. because abusing your mother and having your food is 2 different things … this is what you are trying to say .. right ?

    Praveen Kumar 1 hour ago
    Praveen Kumar – Excatly typing the same things to those stupids as well. ✌️✌️ it’s a trump card for both the side political parties. 😐😐 do u ever thought about beating a guy by urself. Same way they also. Unless some background money comes nobody beats one another. Media plays nice role in both the states to show hatredness there by everything Wil become a big war..!!

    Praveen Kumar 1 hour ago
    sachin Gowda – Yup those morons though ipl can solve the problem it didn’t solve it.. Are we different or same.. Now by banning a movie we are also doing same thing right.. Where do u see we are different form them..!! Are we mature enough to think well before we act is what matters..!!

    Veera Tamilzhan 3 hours ago
    Ivanunga oru thevdiya muvanunga

    sandeep kumar 2 hours ago
    idiots if u have guts stop tamil film remakes in kannada….kannada industry is depanded upon tamil films…if tamil industries wont give remake rights to kannada then kannada industries have to go for begging in streets

    shankar gowda 3 hours ago
    Make vatal nagraj as CM…

    Manjunath v 3 hours ago
    Jai roopesh sr

    john suresh g.h 1 hour ago
    We support Karnataka from andra

    Ravindra Gorantla 2 hours ago
    I am Andhra Pradesh but I am support to Karnataka

    wolf pack hunt 2 hours ago
    This is why I love Kannada ppl…. They don’t speak we are different your different… As tamilans in TN does…. As a tamilan in Bangalore I support karnataka rashana vedikai… But I also like to see Kaala movie… What to do…

    Loheth M 3 hours ago
    Jai Karnataka, Jai Bhuvaneshwari

    xan t 2 hours ago
    kaala in Mangalore ✌️💪

    Praveen Kumar 2 hours ago
    ಕಾವೇರಿ is just a bloody trump card for both the state.. Who ever stops the water will win here. Who ever gets the water for TN will win there. Wake up immutures!! All these are draamas..

    srikanth sre 1 hour ago
    please let do run the movie in Karnataka

    rocky reigns 2 hours ago
    dai b4 commenting on Karnataka people mind ur words even m a tamil guy frm bangalore….even i no to scold u in bad words

    Vinod Kumar 1 hour ago
    these persons ever won’t change their mindsets let public decide whether 2 watch r not

    Rajesh Menezes 8 minutes ago
    please stop kaala film why Rajnikath asked ms Dhoni to wear black flags during IPL matches why Rajnikath tried to mix the keveri issue n cricket why this year IPL played out of chennai??? why tamilian’s tried to mixed the kaveri issue with cricket???

    shashi kumar 3 hours ago

    Rajesh Rajesh 3 hours ago
    Plz stop all tamil movies in karnataka…jai bhuvaneshwari…jai kannadiga…jai people of karnataka..

    Annie Raj 2 hours ago
    Plz dont do this…movie and politics both are different dont combine it together……for gods sake allow us to watch kaala movie here in karanataka..cant wait anymore to watch the movie😡😡😡😡

    Kumar Dxz 2 hours ago
    Loosu passanga da neenga

    MAHESH **k 3 hours ago (edited)
    All drama to make name. Rajini did not say anything against Karnataka. He said only what court has said. They distributed sweets in Streets when court gave judgement to form cauvery management board. Now only blaming Rajini they don’t have guts to ask court.

    Naveen Chandan 15 minutes ago
    Roomesh raajanna jai kannadada

    LiViNg WiThOuT nOtHiNg 2 hours ago

    Lokesh Lokesh 41 minutes ago
    Beda a nan magan film

    Anil Kumar 1 hour ago
    Duddu thagondu innu 3 disuke Tamil Jana kshame kelidru antha release madthare….waste sangatanegalu

    RAHUL JS 2 hours ago
    Enna vaythu erichal

    Muni ksm 1 hour ago
    Super roopesh avre

    Muni ksm 1 hour ago
    Kelvubgaandu galu helthre movies na yake disturb madthre antha heros thika moochkond filim madbeku avrge yake polticks

    rajiv king 3 hours ago
    Balaji theater ah.!

    Mahesh Ram 2 hours ago
    Re swami jagala shuru madodhu neeve deal set adhre adhuna nilisodhu neeve yakri drama madthira..

    srikanth sre 1 hour ago
    in any state in India not only south …even north India also

    srikanth sre 1 hour ago
    because movie is different and politics is different

    Anthony Augustine S 33 minutes ago
    Yea why not stop the movie… Cause loss to your own ppl n then they come to rajini for money claiming loss….

    Shashikumar Sasi 10 minutes ago
    we support u bro….. good job

    Prabhu P Lion 2 hours ago
    Avr ge en kai mugiyodu guru …band madi film na

    Prabhu P Lion 2 hours ago
    Hodiri haaa boli maklu ge …band madi aste hodsi haaa sule maklu na

    Avinash Gowda 1 hour ago
    Jai roopesh sir

    santhosh Rao 2 hours ago
    Political dramaaaaaaa

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