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Biometric Method To Implement For Purchase in Tamilnadu Ration Shop From 2019 October 15:

Biometric system will be implemented from 15th October 2019 in Ration stores located across all the districts in Tamil Nadu state of India.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has introduced a scheme to supply the products of the biomedical system in the form of a biomechanical system.

The ration cards were converted into smart cards across Tamil Nadu. The ration shops are now available on smart cards based products.

However, ‘biometric’ method is intended to prevent irregularities. Only those who have a name in the ration card are taken to buy the items. Only the fitting of the finger will be provided.

In smart card, only one person with a name has been reported to be distributed only if the fingerprint is registered. This will prevent people from entering the ration material to the wrong people. This time, from October 15, there will be fair price shops in Tamil Nadu.


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